Clarion: Connecting through crisis

Mar 27, 2020

We’ve been hearing from numerous housing associations about the initiatives they’ve been taking since the Covid-19 crisis began. Here is an inspiring example from Clarion Housing Group.

This week was National Intergenerational Week. Clarion sent an email out to its young people to encourage them celebrate it and lead on different intergenerational initiatives and activities.

Covid-19 has not stopped Clarion’s young Community Ambassadors (CAPs), an initiative run by Clarion Futures which is the charitable foundation of Clarion Housing Group. They have been busy writing postcards for the elderly from home. Some of them also prepared ‘happy packs’ for older residents during their last session. The National Intergenerational Week activities involved CAP programme partners InUnity, Chichester Cathedral and The Youth Association.

“During this difficult time, the postcard writing has been a wonderful way to share the love, lift spirits and connect generations”, said Sarah Mitton, Neighbourhood Investment Manager at Clarion Housing Group.

The young people designed and decorated the ‘happy pack’ bags before filling them with non-perishable items such as soup and noodles, along with a puzzle book, sweets and a handwritten note. They also included a stamped addressed envelope in the pack so that people can reply if they are able to and it is safe to do so.

So far the packs have been delivered to elderly residents in the south of Birmingham who were identified when a community member expressed her worry for her neighbours on social media. The rest of the bags are being allocated by Clarion Housing Group to some of its most vulnerable residents.

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