The Board Charter: Committed to Community Investment

The Charter contains nine pledges that we’re asking social housing organisations to discuss and adopt at a Board level.

Your time is now

Community investment is the work that social housing organisations do alongside people and communities to help them thrive. It has been part of social housing for decades. In recent years, it’s been under considerable financial pressure.

Now, more than ever, we need to commit to community investment so that we can deliver on our social purpose. We are and can be more than just landlords, investing in our residents and communities to enable them to thrive.

Many social housing organisations are already driving forward the community investment agenda. There is now an opportunity for us to speak more effectively and collectively, formalising our long-term commitments and ensuring our social purpose is embedded in our business.

Your role as anchor institutions has never been more important. So, how are you going to make a difference in your communities? And how can you demonstrate your commitment to your social purpose?

So how do you sign up? 

First, tell us you support and want to adopt the Board Charter.

Second, download these sample Board papers that explain why the Charter is important and the benefits of adopting the Charter.

Third, complete the self-certification form and send it to us.

Once we’ve received it, we’ll send your Board Charter mark for use on your website, in your Boardroom and in your reception.

We’re sure you’ll have some questions about the Charter and have answered some of those on our FAQs page. If you have any more, please contact us.

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