The Board Charter: Committed to Community Investment

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Sign up to the Board Charter

Community investment is core to our role as a housing association and central to our social purpose.*

We commit to owning, investing in, and celebrating our community investment work and its impact.*

We will work with the Centre for Excellence in Community Investment to help maximise and measure the impact of our work, as well as invest in the people who deliver it.*

The Centre mailing list

Our Community Investment Strategy will be underpinned by an action plan, and the appropriate resources, people and skills to deliver on our objectives.*

We will ensure residents are at the heart of community investment, co-creating service design and involved in scrutiny and review.*

Co-creation of services

Scrutiny and review

We will be part of our communities, with Board members leaving the boardroom to see community investment delivery first-hand.*

Our Board and community investment

We commit to a methodologically robust and rigorous measurement mechanism to evidence the impact of community investment activity, for example by participating in the Centre’s impact measures project.*

Measurement mechanisms

We will publish key measures of success in our annual report to facilitate transparency and accountability.*

We will be leaders and advocates for community investment, both in and outside of the housing sector.*

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