Measuring your impact

From early on in the Covid-19 pandemic, we saw the phenomenal work that social housing organisations were doing to support their residents and communities.

We recognised that this activity needed to be recorded.

In collaboration with community investment colleagues, we have developed a suite of impact measures to understand and evidence the impact these organisations have made and continue to make.

There are nine key measures that we’re inviting organisations to record:

  • Number of welfare calls to residents in the past month
  • Total number of residents identified on Universal Credit
  • Figures around financial support
  • Number of food interventions made in the past month
  • Figures about advice, guidance and support
  • Total number of residents identified in arrears
  • Employment, education and training
  • Number of young people supported over the past month
  • Number of residents who “feel in control of life” in the past month

These measures will enable us to collate data on the amount of support that social housing organisations are providing to residents during challenging times.

Help us to tell the story of social housing and Covid-19 by sharing your measures with us.

Simply fill in the form below, download the spreadsheet and send it back to once it’s completed.

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