The Board Charter: Committed to Community Investment

Sep 26, 2019

HACT is delighted to announce the launch of the Centre for Excellence in Community Investment’s Board Charter.

“The Centre for Excellence in Community Investment is launching a Board Charter to champion the sector’s commitment – at the most senior level – to our communities and our staff, and to recognise the success and impact of community investment,” said Andrew van Doorn, Chief Executive of HACT. “A commitment to the Board Charter is a pledge to be at the forefront of community investment, always striving towards better places to live.

Many housing providers are already driving forward the community investment agenda, but there is now a significant opportunity for us to speak more collectively, effectively and publicly, formalising our long-term commitment and ensuring our social purpose is embedded across our businesses.”

We are inviting all Boards to sign up to the Board Charter, which consists of nine pledges. These pledges demonstrate a commitment of each organisation not only to invest in their communities but to do so in a strategic and impactful way.

The Charter has been developed by the Centre for Excellence in Community Investment’s Influence Working Group, which comprises representatives from across the UK community investment sector.

“This is a vital time for social housing,” said Andrew van Doorn. “There is the possibility of a new regulatory landscape, with a stronger focus on our residents and the social value we create. How we invest in and work alongside our residents and communities to create places that thrive has never been more important. By adopting the Board Charter, we can drive forward an agenda together that recognises and develops the essential role social landlords play in their communities.”

Once organisations adopt the Board Charter, they will be provided with the charter mark to display in their offices and online, demonstrating that they are committed to community investment (see image above).

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