Digital inclusion and Covid-19 briefing

This series of briefings address significant issues that are emerging in the UK as a result of Covid-19 that impact on the work of community investment. In each one, we have brought together available evidence to help you think about and plan future strategies and how resources can be directed. This briefing covers digital inclusion.

Of those who are likely to be digitally excluded in the UK, 37% are social housing residents.Those on low wages, or unemployed, as well as those with disabilities, and offenders and ex-offenders are included in those figures.

UK-wide, 84% of people are able to demonstrate basic digital skills. Before lockdown, however, around 11.7 million people still lacked the digital skills needed for everyday life. Yet since the pandemic one in three people have boosted their digital skills, 37% are using technology more for health and wellbeing reasons, and almost a third have up-skilled for work.

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