Effective housing for people on low incomes in the Welsh valleys

Authors: Dr Tom Archer, Dr Stephen Green and Ian Wilson
Published by Joesph Rowntree Foundation, June 2018

This report gives five policy and practice recommendations, the combination of which will go some way to avoiding a bleak future if current challenges are not addressed. The report argues that social housing providers, the Welsh Government, landlords and key stakeholders need to:

  • Carry out more effective and targeted use of existing grants and other finance.
  • Create changes to Local Housing Allowance (LHA) alongside developing measures to improve the supply of properties at LHA rates and improve quality.
  • Improve support for people to reduce housing costs and access employment.
  • Link social rents to local earnings to address affordability issues.
  • Develop vehicles to deliver both locally tailored responses and strategic action at a wider scale.

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