Employment and Covid-19 briefing

This series of briefings address significant issues that are emerging in the UK as a result of Covid-19 that impact on the work of community investment. In each one, we have brought together available evidence to help you think about and plan future strategies and how resources can be directed. This briefing covers employment.

Through their role as community anchors, social housing organisations can direct spending, engage in local strategic discussions and stimulate the local economy and local employment. 

Social housing organisations can help their residents access employment opportunities in their own business, in the businesses within their supply chains and other local businesses.

Use resources to match the work and funding of other organisations to boost and support local training programmes. Partnership working with other social housing organisations will also be crucial.

A focus on training and reskilling can be beneficial, particularly for those groups most affected by rising unemployment. The contribution young people make to household incomes means that a focus on training and education for them will be essential. Similarly, social housing organisations can use their apprenticeship levy to stimulate opportunities for people in their own businesses.



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