Front and Centre: Putting Social Value at the Heart of Inclusive Growth

Authors: Claire Mansfield, Nancy Towers and Ross Phillips

Published by Social Enterprise, May 2019

This research report by Social Enterprise calls for a rethink on how public bodies use social value, and urges them to make it a central part of how local and central government works. Based on in-depth research across local government, the report paints a mixed picture – one in which real progress is being made by forward thinking local authorities but where the transformative potential of social value is not being fully realised.

Almost two-thirds of local councils (63%) are shown to have a good understanding of social value with 82% believing that social value drives higher levels of growth. However, only 42% believe that using social value has reduced inequalities. The report makes the case for bridging this gap and the use of social value to drive inclusive growth.

The report ultimately calls on public bodies to use social value more strategically, taking it out of the procurement silo where it is too often found and embedded across council’s operations. 

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