Housing crisis is damaging young people’s mental health and diminishing life choices

Published February 2022

A new report released reveals that bleak housing prospects are significantly damaging the mental health of young people in the UK. The housing crisis is also negatively impacting their life choices, according to research commissioned by leading housing association Metropolitan Thames Valley Housing (MTVH), which today called for decision makers and developers to urgently tackle the issue or risk a generation resigned to housing insecurity.  


‘Housing Futures: The vital role of home in young people’s futures’, fuses national opinion polling conducted by Savanta ComRes with a series of focus groups and workshops among young MTVH residents from Nottinghamshire, Brent (North West London), and Lambeth (South London). These young people, currently living in social housing provided stark testimony about the barriers they see to achieving the housing futures that they want and the overall impact this has on their lives.

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