Housing that works – Can employers help solve the housing crisis?

Published by the Centre for Social Justice, July 2019

The Centre for Social Justice (CSJ) Housing Commission has observed a range of interlocking issues which comprise the housing crisis facing our nation. Here, the CSJ looks beyond the role of government on its own. This fourth CSJ Housing Commission interim report asks: can employers help solve the housing crisis?

Firstly, it examines the historical roots of employer housing support. It turns to explore the housing pressures affecting the workforce today. With original polling and independent qualitative research, it reveals the scale of concern felt by large UK employers about housing – both in terms of how housing issues are affecting their staff, as well the impact on the prosperity of their businesses.

Secondly, it shows how some employers, both in the UK and indeed abroad, are responding to these pressures by extending their ‘social activity’ into the realm of housing. This report represents the first attempt in recent years to organise the different employer housing schemes into conceptually useful categories and themes.

In each of these areas, the CSJ shines a light on existing good practice and seeks to provide the most ambitious businesses with the ideas and blueprints that will inspire them into action. It also makes a number of key policy recommendations to Government that will enable more employers to engage with the housing issues affecting their staff and businesses.

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