Mapping community investment

Apr 14, 2020

The Centre is delighted to announce it is launching the first interactive map of community investment projects across the UK.

“Our Mapping Community Investment tool will help social housing organisations share best practice, learn from each other, and discover innovative ways of delivering community investment,” said Andrew van Doorn, Chief Executive of HACT. “The tool will enable the sector to capture evidence of successful projects, so that our work can be more effective in the future.”

“We are inviting community investment professionals to upload their projects, so they can help to build a database of community investment activity across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland,” Andrew added. “We already have a number of inspirational projects on there from some of our partner organisations working with the Centre.”

“The Covid-19 crisis has elevated the role of community investment to the frontline of social housing. It’s critical that we continue to capture the work that we are doing, despite the pressures we are all under. This tool provides an accessible platform for colleagues across the country to share what works with the wider sector.”

As well as reading information about each of the projects on the map, users can also get in contact with the people who were responsible for the initiatives.

“The mapping tool will also enable connections between community investment professionals within the social housing sector,” added Andrew van Doorn, “so that we can continue to learn from each other, improve the projects we deliver and contribute positively to our local communities.”

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