One year on: Local issues, local solutions

Sep 19, 2019

The Centre for Excellence in Community Investment is built to reflect the complexity of issues that affect different regions across the country. Our geographic networks meet regularly to drive forward more specific community investment agendas, attentive to the unique spaces and places in all corners of the UK.

Ian Wardle is a member of the Great Places Commission, and Group Chief Executive at Thirteen Group. His blog earlier this year discussed  Housing Associations as organisations in tune with local issues, and the role they can play in creating ‘great places’, or communities that thrive. Ian was keen to highlight the continuing harm that austerity has done to the North since 2010, and was conscious of the contextual differences that have accentuated the damage caused by austerity.

We must be more attentive to the unique ways broader economic and social challenges emerge in distinct communities, hence why the Centre is structured around 12 geographic networks. Over the next year we will continue to work through a place-based approach. Part of this involves elevating voices from across the UK, to highlight the unique challenges faced in communities.

We will be reaching out through our geographic networks to hear these perspectives. To find out when your network is meeting, head over to the Centre’s events page for full listings.

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