One year on: Sport

Sep 19, 2019

Last summer, amidst the world cup frenzy Frances Harkin wrote about the role HACT was playing in building bridges between social housing providers and sports organisations. Over the last year we have continued to broker relationships and speak to sports organisations about social value measurement.

We have seen the cost of neglecting social value in sport, as Bury FC became the most recent casualty of professional football clubs putting profit over people. What is the cost? The loss of a community cornerstone, the centre of a northern town which came to cherish, and rely on its historic club. This was the topic of a recent blog by Billy Holt.

Going forward we want to hear more about how sport can be a positive force for good. Sport can be a great leveller, bring together young and old across the UK. There are thousands of sports projects already taking place using physical activity as an agent for change, leading to improved physical and mental health, building relationships and creating community cohesion.

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