Overcoming the stigma of social housing

Authors: Professor Anne Power and Dr Bert Provan
Published by LSE, February 2018

Using census data and the latest English Housing Survey data, this report summarises the general composition of social housing, who lives in it, their social and economic backgrounds and examines the trend towards greater residualisation over time. This will build on the work of John Hills’ review of social housing which covered much of the evidence up to 2007. 

This report sets out the growth of social housing in England as a major tenure designed to meet the needs of a wide range of lower income households. It grew rapidly in response to the extreme housing needs post 1945 due to war damage and continuing slum conditions in many cities. The image and popularity of the tenure changed from the late 1960s, due to increasing and alarming evidence of poor construction and management, as well as crime and poverty concentrated in social housing estates.

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