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Clanmil HANorthern Ireland01/11/2019
What is the project?

The workshops were attended by two groups of tenants living in Clanmil independent living schemes in Banbridge and Portadown.

The HAIP project, is a unique cross-border initiative aimed at promoting good relations across housing associations in Northern Ireland and the Border Regions.
Cultural Cuisine is a certified course which promotes appreciation and respect of cultures through food and learning about people from other backgrounds.
The workshops benefits people to extend their knowledge and understanding of other cultures by learning of other communities, some of which live in the area but which the wider community is perhaps unfamiliar with, e.g. Syrian
This project is funded by the EU’s PEACE IV Programme, managed by the SEUPB.

Who is the project targeted at?

The beneficiaries of the Cultural Cuisine workshops were Clanmil tenants living in Independent Living accommodation in Banbridge and Portadown. The targeted groups were over 55 and from a cross community background.

Why did the project come about?

Through the HAIP project the tenants had spent a number of months completing workshops, training and study visits exploring each other’s cultures and traditions. Through consultation with the group they expressed a desire to learn more about other minority groups and cultures. They also have a love of cooking which is why the Cultural cuisine was project was organised.

How was this project implemented?

The project was organised by the Clanmil Good Relations Officer after consultation with the participating groups.
The project was promoted through letters directly to tenants, posters in the schemes and a monthly newsletter.
The Cultural cuisine course was facilitated by Craic Ni who covered Indian, Syrian and Chinese culture, traditions and cuisine.

How was this project funded?

This project is funded by the EU’s PEACE IV Programme, managed by the SEUPB.

Outcomes so far

Course Objectives
• Examine similarities and differences between communities
• Learn about the background, culture and community of a particular country
• Share and experience other cultures through food
• Make dishes from other countries and work towards building good relations

Outcomes and benefits
• Participants have completed OCN level 2 training
• Joint Cross community partnership developed
• Combating loneliness for over 55’s.
• Promoting good relations
• Increased knowledge and understanding of other cultures.

Future plans

Thanks to this HAIP project Clanmil’s tenants from Portadown and Banbridge are moving towards developing a joint cross community partnership. The participants have designed a 12 week engagement programme which includes accredited active citizenship training, study visits and a joint woodwork project.
A celebration event will be arranged to celebrate the end of the 12-week engagement and to present the tenants with their OCN certificates

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