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What is the project?

It delivered a wide range of new services with partners including the Leisure Trust, Impact Arts, The Conservation Volunteers, Green Gym, RAMH, Pioneer Mutual Credit Union and East Renfrewshire Council’s Adult Learning services

DIY taster workshops ran on a drop-in basis and included:

• Digi Know (3D digital printing and virtual reality demos with advice on how to get the best out of your smart phone or tablet);
• Dine In Dunterlie (encouraging residents to try their hand at making healthy meals, ranging from overnight oats to pot noodles);
• Activ8 (led by fitness instructors who teach residents gentle exercises and health advice);
• Re:style (creative upcycling and vintage pop-up shop);
• Re:envision (residents invited to join the green gym to make environmental improvements or learn more about the Creative Pathways programme for 16-18 year olds);
• Decor8 (creative interior decoration on a shoestring);
• Sling Yer Hook (crochet class);
• Dunterlie Family Hub (brought to residents by Parent Network Scotland, RAMH, and Prestige Analysis Ltd which offers a drop-in for parents one Saturday of each month)

Other projects within DIY Dunterlie included:
• RAMH, offering tenancy support packs for people who are starting out or tenancies that are particularly struggling;
• Parent network Scotland;
• P.H.A.T class, offering fitness classes such as aerobics and core work.

Who is the project targeted at?

Local residents across a wide range of age and demographics.

Why did the project come about?

Context is key. Dunterlie is one of the most deprived areas within Barrhead and East Renfrewshire. There’s been so much consultation that the residents were tired of that and wanted to see something actually happening. So, DIY Dunterlie was an initiative that allowed the community to get together to help shape this project.

How was this project implemented?

The tenancy sustainment project was launched in September 2018 with day of free taster activities at Dunterlie Community Centre. Almost 200 people attended the event. This began a programme of free workshops, activities and events that were delivered in the local Barrhead area between 2018 and 2019.

Paired with local businesses and service providers such as schools, credit unions, local businesses to implement a broad range of activities to support residents across the area of Dunterlie.

How was this project funded?

The DIY Dunterlie project is supported by the Aspiring Communities European Social Fund operated by the Scottish Government. Because the project came out of the aspiring communities funding, its core principles are very much about inspiring, engaging and encouraging residents to take part in activities on their doorstep.

For Barrhead HA it’s been about bringing together a range of partners across the localities to deliver these activities.

Outcomes so far

Positive resident responses:

Member of Activ8: “I can’t believe I’m getting a free membership, I’m on maternity leave and have just went to Zero pay, this will mean I can keep coming and don’t need to worry about how I’ll afford it.”

Positive staff responses at Barrhead:

Because it’s been shaped by the people who live there, this has contributed to the project’s success more than it would’ve been if they’d just provided something for them. The success of this approach will influence how Barrhead develops tenancy sustainment projects in the future.

Projects such as Sling Yer Hook, the crochet class, were very popular, attracting lots of local people, especially older women. The class has reduced feelings of loneliness and isolation, been open and accessible to people with disabilities and taught people new knitting and crochet skills.

Projects across a range of different locations, venues and services, with such as the Dine In cooking classes, taking place in local primary schools, with others like the money advice programme pairing with Barrhead’s local credit union.

Future plans

From Barrhead Housing’s point of view, they would welcome the opportunity to extend into other areas, funding permitting.

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