The H Factor Social Prescribing Programme

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What is the project?

The H Factor ( Health Hope and Happiness ) is a Social Prescribing programme with a focus upon reducing health inequalities and improving the health and wellbeing of our customers .
SP Link Workers provide practical and emotional support to individuals who are over reliant on health services for non medical issues , are lonely and isolated and lack support , have low level mental health illness or are managing a long term health condition or disability . Once engaged on the project customers are encouraged to devise a plan which is designed using a coaching model called WOOP .(WISH , OBSTACLE , OUTCOME AND PLAN . ) The focus of the project is to improve the health and wellbeing of customers .

Who is the project targeted at?

The project can support anyone aged 18 and over who live in a whg property or live within a disadvantaged community where whg have homes . However we actively target the following customer groups
Customers with long term illness or disability
People who live alone and are lonely and isolated
Unemployed customers
Customers with mental health support needs
Lone Parents
Young Parents
Customers aged 55 and over
BAME Customers
Customers who have support needs in respect of drug and alcohol misuse
Customers who are low in confidence / self esteem

Why did the project come about?

We know that good health is linked to productivity and resilient communities . Improving the Health and Wellbeing of our customers is a Corporate Aim Due to the research that demonstrated that health inequalities were increasing and life expectancy decreasing or stalling ( MARMOT REVIEW 10 YEARS ) . We felt the NHS Forward Plan gave housing an opportunity to influence health outcomes .We were aware that people who live in disadvantaged communities can spend up to a third of their life managing illness or disability therefore having a poor quality of life

How was this project implemented?

We had to delay the roll out of the project due to the pandemic . We should have launched it in April 2020 but delayed it until June 2020 . We had to launch it remotely due to COVID-19 . Strategically we presented the project to our local Integrated Care Partnership and Health and Housing Board . Operationally we began the project with a light touch launch targeting customers which we had identified through safe and well calls carried out during lockdown . This built the projects brand and ensured buy in from Housing colleagues . We have used customer stories to bring it to life and have produced an article meet the team which will go to all of our properties

How was this project funded?

The project is funded 75% by whg as a pilot/ proof of concept and 25% via the National Lottery .

Outcomes so far

We use the WARWICK EDINBURGH mental wellbeing scale to measure outcomes . Early results demonstrate increased confidence and self esteem therefore improved mental health , improved outlook on life , increased life satisfaction, reduced isolation , increased skills take up of training , volunteering and employment

Future plans

We have commissioned an independent evaluation of the project . We will use this to inform future work in this area .
whg are now part of the Integrated Care Partnership so we hope to influence Commissioners to fund a longer term project .

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