Initial reflections on the research symposium

Jul 19, 2019

By Andrew van Doorn, Chief Executive, HACT

Thank you to everyone who attended our first research symposium event in Manchester yesterday (18 July). It was an excellent, insightful and stimulating day. 

We heard a lot about the different drivers in higher education research and in community investment to start to build new understanding and relationships. Much of the focus was on the need to develop new collaborations that deliver impact in research. 

People were keen for the Centre to be a place that brokers relationships, helps researchers and community investment professionals to connect and collaborate. There was also a call for the Centre to help housing providers collaborate with each other around shared research agendas. 

We’re keen to explore how housing associations adopt common methodologies to demonstrate impact, building on the pioneering work of HACT around social value. 

Delegates were also keen for the Centre to champion not just the value of community investment, but also the value of research and evidence, so it becomes a more common part of the way we work. 

We will be developing the Centre’s research strategy: if people want to be involved, please get in touch!

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