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Hi everyone,

I just read this great piece from JRF on how digital exclusion effects low income communities.This blog written by the APLE Collective, is part of a series which discusses the lived experience of people trapped in poverty and living through the COVID-19 lockdown.

Here’s an extract from the blog:

“The digital divide doesn’t just mean having access to wifi, but the ability to pay for it. Our communities who live on a low income or social security benefits are unable to pay for this access. The digital divide also incurs expenses when paying for hardware (computers and devices) and finally people may not have the opportunity to access support to help them use technology.

We ask the Government to find practical solutions to cross the digital divide and introduce free wifi for vulnerable low-income groups. According to the Office for National Statistics, ‘in 2018 there were still 5.3 million adults in the UK, or 10.0% of the adult UK population’ who are non-internet users.”