So you want to do more about racism?

29 September 2021


A discussion with HOPE not hate and Tom Murtha about building relationships & acting in coalition to take action on racial equality.

Rosie Carter and Chris Clarke from HOPE not hate charitable trust and social housing sector leader Tom Murtha, will join us for a discussion aimed at allies who want to do more to tackle racism and to challenge narratives of division.

We’ll hear from our speakers about the importance of building relationships for their work tackling racial inequality in the workplace and fighting the far right in the community. We’ll hear a range of perspectives, both from someone with years of experience in social housing, who will speak to the importance of relationships for making change in the workplace. We’ll also hear from HOPE not hate charitable trust, who actively work with all parts of communities targeted by the far-right to foster hope as an antidote to hate.

For the first half of the event, our speakers will present on their areas of work. In the second half of the event, we will hold a panel discussion with space to take questions from the audience. We have included an option to submit a question when you register for this event.

This is the second in a series of events that the Racial Equality Group is running, which will focus on steps we can all take to promote racial equality in our organisations and our communities.


  • Rosie Carter, Senior Policy Officer at HOPE not hate
  • Chris Clarke, Policy Researcher at HOPE not hate
  • Tom Murtha, Board Member, Nehemiah United Churches Housing Association

About the Racial Equality Group

Alongside many across the UK, housing associations were spurred into action by the murder of George Floyd in 2020 and the resurgent Black Lives Matter movement. A group of committed housing associations have worked with the Centre for Excellence in Community Investment to form a Racial Equality Group.

Following a joint statement of intent from the group and engagement events with colleagues across the sector to develop plans, the Racial Equality Group are hosting this event to continue the conversation and keep pushing for action to move towards racial equality.