Stressed at work? Try Breathing Space

Mar 12, 2020

Breathing Space, a secular project run from the London Buddhist centre in Bethnal Green, teaches Mindfulness Based Approaches (MBA) to help people look after their mental health.

After the success and popularity of its courses which include Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy, the organisation is now offering concessionary rates to public sector workers. This includes those working in social housing.

Breathing Space has developed very close links with its surrounding east London community since it opened in 2004 as the UK’s first custom-made mindfulness venue. Breathing Space teaches meditation practices, such as body scans, and other tools such as a Three Minute Breathing Space to draw attention to our present moment, rather than living in autopilot, which is what our minds tend to do.

According to Caro Smith, who works with Breathing Space, together with Charlie Byles, keeping the costs of its retreats and courses low “for people who are central to the servicing of our community” is reflective of the organisation’s principles and ethics and ongoing outreach.

“The tools work,” says Caro, citing examples of course participants including one, who was working with panic attacks. “During the course, he was able to better handle them by observing them as body sensations, without getting caught up in them. As a result, his quality of life radically improved.”

Public sector workers, including community investment professionals who often face stressful and challenging situations at work, are being offered concessionary rates to Breathing Space courses.

Breathing Space are also offering individual housing associations the option of coming to Breathing Space during the day for either customised taster sessions or to participate in the full 8-week course for their employees. Recently, the organisation ran an 8-week course for the residents of L&Q, involving weekly drop-ins and an outreach project, which had a tangible positive impact on those involved.

The next Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course starts on the 24 March, with details below.

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

Mar 24 – May 12 2020.

Tuesdays 7.15-9.30 PM.

£230 / 170

Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy

May 4 – Jun 22 2020.

Mondays 17.15 – 21.30PM

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

May 26 – July 14.

Tuesdays 19.15-21.30

If you are a public sector worker and are interested in receiving a concessionary rate to Breathing Space’s upcoming courses, or are an organisation looking to arrange a bespoke course or taster session, please contact Caro Smith at or Charlie at

All courses are at Breathing Space, 51 Roman Road, London E2 OHU

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