The Impact of Social Housing: Economic, Social, Health and Wellbeing

Published by UK Collaborative Centre of Housing Evidence (CaCHE) and HACT, September 2020

This report finds that investment in the social housing sector generates economic and social benefits for Scotland and its people, including reducing poverty and homelessness, improving health, and creating jobs. 

Written by the UK Collaborative Centre of Housing Evidence (CaCHE) and HACT for the Scottish Federation of Housing Associations (SFHA), Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF), Public Health Scotland, and the Rural and Islands Housing Associations Forum (RIHAF), the report brings together evidence that demonstrates the impact and value of social landlords’ housing and wider services. The report also demonstrates how housing associations and co-operatives can measure the social and economic value of their work and evidence how it aligns with the Scottish Government’s National Performance Framework.

The report shows that increasing affordable housing supply levels has many social benefits which can help to address inequality. Housing costs can be a financial burden for people on low and uncertain incomes, however, increasing the supply of affordable housing, with lower rents than in the private sector, was found to directly reduce child poverty in Scotland.

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