What’s happened across our networks in July

Aug 23, 2022

Our networks, like the rest of the UK, remain focused on the cost of living crisis. Our networks are responding by improving their connections and working relationships with each other, and discussing more formal collaborations. Several networks met in person this month.

If you want to receive a copy of any of the presentations listed below, or be put in touch with the speaker, please contact adam.chester@hact.org.uk

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Scotland network – 27th June

The Scotland network hosted a discussion on opportunities for collaboration, focused around the Shared Prosperity fund. They also heard from the Scottish Council of Voluntary Organisations (SCVO) on their recent report on placemaking and digital inclusion, and discussed Scottish government’s ‘Place Principle’, and it’s relevance for housing associations.

Northern Ireland Network – 11th July

After wrapping up their collaborative animated video on Anti-Social Behaviour and good neighbourly behaviour (which can be seen here), the Northern Ireland network met to explore ideas for their next collaborative project. Because of the cost of living crisis, they settled on fuel poverty as the topic, and started planning a meeting for August to bring together as many housing associations as possible and key stakeholders to discuss the topic.

Coming up: next meeting 8th September 3-4pm. Discussing – continuing to explore the ideas that were discussed at the August meeting, including getting involved with Northern Ireland Housing Executive’s Oil Buying Scheme for rural communities. Contact adam.chester@hact.org.uk for more information

Central Southern Network – 12th July

The Central Southern network focuses on employment and training. They met in person in Eastleigh to agree a Terms of Reference for the group, discuss whether to widen their scope to include resident involvement colleagues and share updates on current priorities and challenges. There was also a presentation from Abri on their Work Academies

Midlands Housing and Employment Forum – 14th July

The MHEF focuses employment and training. They met in person in Birmingham for a Midlands Mapping Project Workshop. They are working with Communities That Work and a consultant understand the existing employment and skills offer in the region, gain a broader understanding of partnership delivery and impact, and explore collaborative funding bids and new opportunities. Next steps will be discussed at the next meeting.

Wales Network – 26th July

Our Wales network was due to meet on 26th July, but it had to be postponed. It met in August and will be updated on next month.

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