Young people and Covid-19 briefing

This series of briefings address significant issues that are emerging in the UK as a result of Covid-19 that impact on the work of community investment. In each one, we have brought together available evidence to help you think about and plan future strategies and how resources can be directed. This briefing covers young people.

Young people have been disproportionately affected by both disruption in education and in employment. For many, this will have had an impact on household finances. Young people living in social housing are more likely to be part of a family unit suffering from furloughing, uncertainty and job losses.

School closures, and reduced capacity when reopening could put millions of children at risk of hunger, increasing reliance on holiday food projects. During this period of lockdown many young people have also been suffering from increased mental health problems, and some are at greater risk of being targeted by drug gangs or subject to online or domestic abuse.

How social housing organisations work with young people and their families will be critical in supporting community based recovery. Dedicated programmes to support younger people back into jobs will be needed, as will increased partnership working with local partners in order to find new ways of delivering programmes.

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