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SFHA Volunteer guidance

SFHA acknowledges the effect that the pandemic is having on community services’ resources and, where possible, attempts being made to support this are very positive. Much of the work our members have told SFHA about has involved using volunteer programmes, and we would encourage all associations to link up with local council and volunteer agencies to offer support where possible and to share information to help shape these services.

There are several useful resources on volunteering in communities during the COVID-19 crisis at the following sites:
• NHS: Ready Scotland
• Who Cares Scotland
• Volunteer Scotland Informal volunteer befriending is increasing within associations.

Using data held around needs, they can create links between members of the community who may require practical or social support, with able tenants volunteering to support them Volunteer Shopping Cards are being used by befriending programmes. This provides a secure way for those self-isolating, older people or those who are medically vulnerable to allow others to shop for them.