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    Breathing Space is launching a new Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Essentials Course starting June 15th. Two sessions weekly on the zoom platform from 5.30pm-7pm Mondays and Thursdays til 9th July will be available. The course includes 1:1 phone call, guided meditations for people to keep, tools, techniques, questions answered and lots of practice. It is an exciting course adapted from MBSR which clinical trials have shown can reduce levels of stress and anxiety.

    Senior Instructor Priyavajra, who is leading this course, says: “I love the way MBSR starts with the idea that the world is essentially an uncertain place and you can’t change that, but you can change the way that you respond to the world. MBSR helps you develop greater awareness of the things that trigger our stress and how those triggers work. You learn to respond in ways that are constructive rather than reactive. It is very liberating and potentially life-changing.” Priyavajra used to work in inner city London schools, and brings a wealth of experience from Mindfulness into his teachings. Participants will learn how to increase awareness, be with difficult emotions and create a gap in order to make better choices. It’s like being your own life coach! We receive feedback that not only the participant benefits, but also family members, co workers and friends also benefit as the practices impact those around you. We have helped 6,000 now with accessible and powerful tools to manage and help mental health.

    This is pay-what-you-can-afford (normal fee £230). We are limiting the numbers because of the course’s interactive nature.If you would like to register, go to

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