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    The Scotland network for community investment will be meeting to discuss how it wants to respond to the coronavirus pandemic.

    This meeting will take place via video conferencing on 6 April. Follow the link to register for the meeting and receive more info on how to join the meeting:


    Hi everyone,

    To give an update, the first meeting of the Scottish network for community investment happened on 6 April. It meeting was well attended by housing professionals across Scotland from smaller housing associations such as Glen Housing based in Fife, to larger ones like Linc.

    Attendees discussed how their housing associations had been responding to covid-19. Many reported that initial work has been around shopping for elderly and vulnerable residents, dropping off food and medicine and co-ordinating with other local service partners.

    Setting up Whatsapp groups as an internal means of communication between staff and tenants was another strategy that seemed to be successful.

    The Scottish network will be meeting fortnightly from now on to discuss their responses to coronavirus and explore collective priorities. Their next meeting will be on April 20. Follow the link below to register for meetings in the series.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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