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    Andrew van Doorn

    Angela Ellis from Raven wants to know if anybody can share how they are managing payments for groceries (ie taking cash/card payments from customers) if they are providing a shopping delivery service for customers ?

    Any ideas?


    Also interested to know what others are doing


    One contact we spoke with yesterday said that their finance team has set up a unique code so that staff who are buying food or other essential items for vulnerable customers can either do it using a business credit card or their personal card, and then use the unique code to claim it back.


    We are currently investigating Love2shop e-vouchers which can be purchased in house and then emailed to the customer who would either print it out or show the digital barcode on their phones in store. They only have ASDA and Tesco at the moment but it’s a possible option.
    Vulnerable people in self isolation can register with the recommended .gov site which I believe helps arrange priority deliveries of essentials via the supermarkets.

    We also wanted to check out if the Morrisons next day food boxes could be purchased on behalf of our customers but I believe its quite a wait to speak to them at the moment.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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