We want the Centre to develop programmes for delivering collaboration and inspiration for people who are delivering community investment. We envisage the Centre supporting people to network nationally and locally, across different areas of interest, in order to create supportive peer relationships across UK housing.

As well as delivering a series of events, we want to facilitate virtual networks and discussion forums, ideally using existing online platforms such as LinkedIn. If you tell us that you want to set up local forums, we will support you to do this, sharing our networks and helping people to identify, meet and collaborate with local community investment professionals.

We’re also interested in exploring how to best create mentoring relationships across the sector. We’re aware of numerous community investment professionals who have considerable experience in making projects work. We want to develop a series of programmes to help share these experiences and provide mentoring for those who will be the leaders of community investment in the future.

One final area of focus for this pillar will be on the continuing professional development of community investment staff at all levels. We have often been the only organisation providing training and development to the sector through our masterclasses. The Centre will develop a progamme of learning and development for people who are new to the sector, and to this space, as well as for those strategic leaders who are managing scarce resources in difficult circumstances.

We’re investigating how the Centre might support accredited training and development work and will explore how to develop appropriate qualifications with organisations such as CIH.

We want the Centre to support you in your work, and in your career, so that community investment becomes a profession that is the envy of the housing sector. And so that the sector can cement its place at the heart of social housing.

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