The Centre has various structures which help it operate and make decisions. These include:

Core Group

A core management group with the five funders, who oversee the delivery of the Centre’s four pillars of work and monitor the Centre’s performance and impact.

Advisory Group

A steering group made up of 15 housing and non-housing organisations around the country. They provide guidance to the Centre on key priorities and engage key stakeholders in community investment and housing.

The Advisory Group are made up of organisations from around the UK, including housing associations, umbrella bodies, and others. The Advisory Group includes members from:

  • Bromford
  • Clanmil Housing Association
  • Community Housing Cymru (CHC)
  • Give Us A Chance (GUAC)
  • Greater Manchester Housing Providers (GMHP)
  • Link Group
  • Karbon Homes
  • Newydd Housing Association
  • National Housing Federation (NHF)
  • Northern Housing Consortium (NHC)
  • Northern Ireland Federation of Housing Associations (NIFHA)
  • Placeshapers
  • Poplar Harca
  • Scottish Federation of Housing Associations (SFHA)
  • Tpas

Pillar Working Groups

The Centre has four pillars: Influence, Innovate, Insight, and Inspire.

Each pillar has one working group, except for Influence, which has two working groups – one for internally influencing housing associations, and one for externally influencing stakeholders outside of housing associations. The pillar working groups take forward key activity within their pillar the Centre, and engage broadly with the Centre’s members around the country to deliver their pillar.

If you are interested in joining a working group for one of the four pillars, please email:, or, or, or

Network Leads and geographic networks

Network Leads are the conduit between the Centre and twelve geographic networks around the UK.

The Centre will be setting up networks or supporting existing networks of community investment professionals across twelve parts of the UK. Where networks already exist, the Centre is linking to them and supporting their delivery. Where networks do not exist, the Centre will start a new network.

Among other things, events could be a chance for community investment colleagues to:

  • meet and share best practice, on region-specific or national topics
  • solve shared issues in an ‘innovation lab’ format
  • create links within and outside of housing; and
  • further your professional development

The Centre’s Network Leads are key individuals who will lead their network’s activity in each region or country.

The Centre is looking into networks in the following parts of the UK:

  • Scotland Network
  • Northern Ireland Network
  • Wales Network
  • South West England Network
  • South East England Network
  • West Midlands Network
  • East of England Network
  • East Midlands Network
  • Yorkshire and Humberside Network
  • North West England Network
  • North East England Network
  • London Network Lead

Please join our LinkedIn group to start speaking to community investment colleagues in your area and around the UK.

We are looking to hold our first meetings in geographical networks in early Summer 2019.

If you would like to be put in contact with your local Network Lead, or if you know of a network in your area that we should be talking to, please email

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