These descriptors are a tool to help community investment professionals talk about their work with confidence, enabling further conversations about community investment.

Here are some suggestions about where you could use these descriptors:

  • In any documents where you’re writing about community investment, whether that is a community investment strategy, or a report to your board or executive team.
  • When you’re working with your communications team on pieces to communicate the impact or evidence of community investment activity, internally or externally.
  • When you’re working with your procurement team to determine how to drive the most impactful and relevant social value through your supply chains.
  • In other conversations with colleagues to help succinctly and clearly communicate the purpose, scale, breadth and impact of community investment.
  • In conversations with external partners, including local third sector organisations, potential funders, or parts of the public sector including local authorities or the NHS.
  • When talking to residents about the work that you do, both in their communities and more broadly.
  • With family and friends, when describing your work.

You can also download this guide to the descriptors, as well as the images below for use in Powerpoint presentations or reports. Please note, the images have been saved as a Zip file.